How to Write an Eye-Catching Cover Letter for Manuscript?

It’s good that you do with your manuscript and are ready for its submission, but prior to that the most essential task is still enduring i.e. writing a cover letter for your manuscript. You might be tormenting that if you have written your manuscript well then why is cover letter so important? For sure, it is important to clutch a cover letter with your manuscript as it gives a sense of completeness to it. Also, many journals have some specific requirements to be mentioned in the cover letter thus it becomes implicate to add it. Cover letters also gives a clear idea to the publisher that what is there in the manuscript and why it should published in their journal. Therefore, how one can elude such an important part of a manuscript? Thus, it becomes a central task to learn the tricks of writing an eye-catching cover letter for manuscript so that it can give a reason for publishing it –

  • Starting with an introduction, don’t forget to add the title of the manuscript and the journal to which manuscript is supposed to be published.
  • Mention the reason behind your manuscript and what it is all about also write about why readers should prefer your manuscript for reading?
  • What are the problems or questions that have been solved in your research?
  • What are the major findings and solution of the research done?
  • Also mention the summary of the conclusion you have drawn from the study and what exactly was expected.
  • Write an assurance statement for the following –
  • That your write-up has not been published in any other journal and will be done for the first time.
  • Your manuscript has been approved by all the authors for its submission and publication in the journal.
  • Feel free to add any other fascinating statement in your cover-letter so that the editor may get magnetized towards it.

Thus, you can write an eye-catching cover letter for your manuscript by following aforesaid tips.

How To Make Your Covering Letter Irresistible To Potential Publishers

So, you have finally been able to complete your manuscript and are ready to send it to publishing houses for consideration. You would need to send not only the manuscript but also a synopsis of your write-up and a covering letter along with it. Many writers do not know the significance of a cover letter. They do not understand that it is the first thing that a publishing house would take a look at. Here is how you can make your cover letter irresistible to potential publishers.

Approach the right publishers

Make sure that you approach the right publishers, to begin with. Research variegated publishers and literary agents so that you can evaluate whether they would be interested in publishing your genre of manuscript beforehand itself. For instance, if you have written a work of fiction, then do not send it to journals for publication. Similarly, take time to go through the publication guidelines and editorial rules of the journal. It may not matter how well you have written your cover letter unless and until you send the manuscript to the right publishers.

Do some research

Do some research on whom you need to address the cover letter to and what else you need to add to the cover letter apart from what you have already added. Do not simply address the cover letter to “Respected Sir/Madam.” Instead, find out the last name of the editor and address it to him or her. Keep in mind that you need to grab the attention of the audience of the cover letter. Many editors have to go through several cover letters every month. So, write it so effectively that they will not reject it. Make sure you summarise the central idea of your manuscript and add it to the cover letter before sending it across. Open the cover letter with an exciting quote from your manuscript.

How to Write 100 Percent Unique Dissertation?

Unique dissertation refers to everything you write should be written on your own. It should not be copied from the previous research papers or from any online resource. Writing dissertation means your original content which should not be copied, reused or resold by another party. Using someone else’s written matter in your dissertation is a crime, if caught a strict action can be taken. If you want to start the process of reducing or removing plagiarism in your dissertation, then you should initiate with a check of it in your draft. Proper online tools and software are available, which can help you check whether your document is unique or not. When you start checking your written matter on the tool, it will show how much you have the unique matter in the dissertation plus it will also display where the plagiarism exist, highlighting that particular line with red color, that needs to be corrected. If you find a single line detected on the tool, then make sure you correct it and making it unique.

Sometimes, it becomes important to include some derivations or formulas which are mentioned earlier or have already been published in journals. When this type of dilemma occurs, then it is a good practice to use references in the dissertation paper. Here, using references means you are referring that particular matter is written by some individual and that particular statement or formula is used. Because with that particular statement or formula, the dissertation work would be completed. Sometimes it does happen in the dissertations, some students choose to improve the results this is known as comparative study, at that moment those formulas are completely used.

Nowadays, students cannot manage their dissertation writing along with their studies, hence websites do offer this service to get your dissertation plagiarism free by paying some certain amount.

Peer Review and Its Advantages for You as a Research Student

If you are a doctoral research student, then you might have the desire to get your paper published in a high impact factor journal, just as many other PhD students do. However, it is very important to know about the entire publishing process before you go on submitting your research paper or manuscript. A major thing you should know about is the activity of peer review conducted by journals.

Peer review is basically the process where a group of peer reviewers or subject matter experts review and evaluate your project on various factors and parameters. They consider the rules and publishing standards of the journal and then tally your work against these standards. The process actually checks the fitment of your project for the journal’s target readers. A peer reviewer for your project is always assigned from the same academic field that you belong to.

Peer reviewers not only judge the quality and contributions of your study, but also loom at its validity and relevance. These reviewers generally evaluate your work after an initial screening is done by the editor of the journal. Thus, they go into the depths of your content and check its correctness on linguistic, formatting, factual and stylistic parameters. They read your ideas and judge your arguments presented on the study topic. If there are any kinds of errors found in your content, then they provide you relevant feedback on it.

After reviewing your work, they also give you feedback regarding any gap in literature or scope for improvement in specific sections. Thus, such constructive feedback can always make you improve your work. Peer review basically helps you to make your work fit for your readers. Thus, you should not panic if you your paper is sent back with peer review comments and take it in a positive sense.

Write a Conference Paper in a Jiffy! Do It or Not?

Having been into blogging for quite a time now, I have been enjoying most writing about writing. It serves as a way to reflect upon my work and use it as a tool to help improvise.

The first and foremost thing that comes to my mind when I talk of writing is that the focus should not be on getting it right, rather it should be on getting it written. There is always scope to get it right later.

Procrastination is a trait we all live with, or rather we are born with. Keep that approach away from writing. However, if you are compelled by it and have as less as 3 days before you got to submit a paper, what do you do? Oh well, nothing, just start getting writing. There isn’t any time there.

1. To begin with, calm down and relax. There isn’t another way to get more organised. If you have already done the task of procrastination, there is a need to take eustress and not distress. Take the pressure as positive pressure and get into the mood. Eustress is good stress; convert your negative pressure into positive pressure. Soulful music or meditation could be helpful here.

2. Productive writing cannot be done without planning. That is imperative and we have been talking about it. Writing plans is something, we all are good at. Like the wise have said, well begun is half done. So planning is must.

3. The next task should be filling up the spaces. There may not be a standard rule to fill the gaps. Some prefer to begin with the introduction while some like to leave it for the end. I suggest, the beginning task should be the simplest for you. It only helps in building up confidence. I repeat again, leave the criticism for later and concentrate on the writing part. Step by step, complete the full paper.

4. Do not stop here, now that you would have followed by advice of focusing on writing and not on writing right. It is one job done. Now you got to make the writing right. Read your paper, not once but again and again, till the time you do not feel confident of your work. Rechecking your work saves you a lot of embarrassment at the end of the reviewers.
5. It wouldn’t get better, if you would get your work checked by your supervisor. If you have shortage of time, as you have delayed it may not be possible to get the feedback of the supervisor so quickly. Do ask for peer help if you feel the need.

6. Do live by the deadline

7. These is essential and NOT TO BE MISSED, treat, yourself for having made the accomplishment. You deserve it so celebrate the way you like.

Find here some amazing tips on how to become an organised writer. Use technology and improvise:

It Never Ends There!

When big tasks need to be completed, you may win some and lose some, the idea is to go on trying. The same holds true for when you are on the task of writing a manuscript. Some people are successful and go on to get themselves published and recognized, the others are not so lucky and need to try again. However, there are those few who need to see what they can do to realize that getting rejected is not the end of the world. Small actions and changes in life will lead you to success.

Take a deep breath: You have been slogging day and night to have your work completed and do it to reach success, you dint, but it doesn’t matter. Take a deep breath, play with your dog, go for a walk, smell the roses and start again. It is bound to work when you feel fuel it with positivity.

Choose to use the stumbling stone: Make sure you do not let your resources and work go for a waste. All or part of your previously done study may be used for the fresh trial and who knows, some of it may even strengthen your work.

Take help, because no mountain is climbed without a harness: When you have your work read and reviewed by someone who knows it well, you may be able to feel safer this time around. Important inputs may be received and you can work around your project in a more prepared manner.

Stay focused and make it till the end: Never lose hope or give up. Big achievements are never easily acquired, you need to put in your heart, soul and sweat into the task to get it done right. Jumping long distance takes a lot of effort and focus.

No task is ever too big, when you know you have no other choice but to achieve it, you know you are in the right direction.

It Doesn’t End at the Content

When you are in the process of writing a research and dream of making it big with your work. You are expected to keep your search diverse and your methods of presentation unique and you need to have accuracy in your work. All said and done, fact is that, just having the right things to show will not suffice for you to actually make it through. There are a whole lot of things that you need to be careful about apart from the content matter itself.

The evaluators check for grammar, spelling and style of writing. This means that if you think you can escape with just crunching numbers and not concentrate on making it sound good, you were going wrong all the while.

There are formatting styles that are expected to be followed by those who write a research. If the formatting is not conformed to, chances are very high that you will have to do it again. No one accepts work that is not in a standard research format.

Having a diverse range of study projection is not enough for having a project get the nod. You need to ensure that the style of presentation is also different and impressive. If the read is interesting along with being accurate, nothing can stop you from your goal.

When you embark on your journey of presenting a research, you need to think beyond content. When you realize that you need to put in a lot more effort in your work apart from gathering the right data there is high possibility of you striking gold. Good things happen with faith, perseverance and out of the box thinking, you know you are smiling all the way when you have it all worked out as a package, when it comes to writing a research paper.

How Analysis Works for a Research?

When you know what a research is and you have the intention of completing it, with the aim of getting it published in a journal that matters, you must first attempt to know what works best in a research so that the work is not loosely done. There are many steps and parts in a research paper that make it complete and worthy of publishing. One of the most important part that you need to concentrate is on the analysis. Knowing how to infer from the study of the research is also a study in itself and if you get that right, you have probably won half the battle. There are some tips that you can follow for ensuring that your analysis has the weightage to make it stand out.

Firstly you must make sure that the questionnaire that you use for your survey leads to a strong study. Ask all the relevant questions and gather all the data possible with the help of your survey. This method is the most basic and fun method to create a strong foundation for the study.

Use technology as your tool. Make sure you get your hands on software that helps in analysis, if you don’t have it, get in touch with someone who does. The reason why this is so important is because, everyone is doing it and you are not getting too far without the help of a little technology.

Make sure you are showing accurate or near accurate projections when you present your analysis. You would not want people call your buff, because not only will this lead to a lot of shaming, but you also run a major risk of not being considered for a journal publishing, at all!

Resources in a research paper analysis should be used wisely and be presented honestly, this lifts the value of the entire project.

What Makes a Research Paper and How You Can Get It Right?

A successful research paper will get you places, you know you can land yourself right into a major journal with the research paper that makes a mark. There is an essential need for a researcher to make sure that the research paper that he or she writes contains all the elements that may help in getting it at the top ranks to be published. The factors that make up a good research include:

Problem statement: This is the part that explains what the problem or the question is, factors leading to the problem and the effects of it. This part of the paper may be formulated by making a list of problems relating to a topic of interest and the most relevant as well as explainable topic must be chosen.

Exploring methods: There are a whole lot of ways in which the solution to a problem in a research may be expressed. Some of the most common ways to derive the solution is by means of asking questions, taking out averages and percentages, using graphs and charts and conducting surveys.

Streamlining: Though you should be careful to get as much data on your hand as much as you can for a particular problem, in order to get the solution, you must also ensure that you put only that data in the research which is most relevant and interesting to the study. Some ways to streamline your research study are by letting sense prevail and selecting your choice or by asking someone who does the job regularly and can help in a more informed way.

Diversity: The diversity you maintain in your questions, surveys, arguments and methods will decide how far your research paper may attain success. Take inspiration from researches and journals from the past to see how you can keep it diverse.

Finally, getting it right and getting into a journal, is the fuel that drives you!

Be Sure Before You Submit the Paper

When you have the biggest submission of your life and you have been dreading it for months on end, it probably is your research paper. You are likely to have gone through grueling hours and sleepless night to achieve the perfect paper and get marked favorably on it and you finally submit it, only to find out that your paper was full of mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Which is why wise people have believed ‘look before you leap’ is the best possible policy in life and especially true in the case of submissions.

Make sure that all the facts and figures that you have taken in use are from trusted resources and they add sense to your work. Anything that is out of the place will lose you points and the chances of your work being approved will become that much lesser.

Read up on the right ways to formulate and present a paper. You are more likely to get it right if you have a thorough research to back your work. Remember you are not out there to re-invent the wheel, you just need to take a fresh approach.

Get in touch with professionals from your field and find out whether you are on the right path. They will be able to point out your mistakes before the evaluator does and you will also know which strong points you can highlight to make your work stand out.

Make sure to check whether you have followed the instructions and submit the version that the evaluators want to see, not the one that you think is the best. When you conform to standards, it automatically looks like you have paid more attention in the making of your work.

Getting it right the first time round is not a very tough task, the key is to ensure that you are sure about the quality of your paper before you turn it in.