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How to Write an Eye-Catching Cover Letter for Manuscript?

It’s good that you do with your manuscript and are ready for its submission, but prior to that the most essential task is still enduring i.e. writing a cover letter for your manuscript. You might be tormenting that if you have written your manuscript well then why is cover letter so important? For sure, it is important to clutch a cover letter with your manuscript as it gives a sense of completeness to it. Also, many journals have some specific requirements to be mentioned in the cover letter thus it becomes implicate to add it. Cover letters also gives a clear idea to the publisher that what is there in the manuscript and why it should published in their journal. Therefore, how one can elude such an important part of a manuscript? Thus, it becomes a central task to learn the tricks of writing an eye-catching cover letter for manuscript so that it can give a reason for publishing it –

  • Starting with an introduction, don’t forget to add the title of the manuscript and the journal to which manuscript is supposed to be published.
  • Mention the reason behind your manuscript and what it is all about also write about why readers should prefer your manuscript for reading?
  • What are the problems or questions that have been solved in your research?
  • What are the major findings and solution of the research done?
  • Also mention the summary of the conclusion you have drawn from the study and what exactly was expected.
  • Write an assurance statement for the following –
  • That your write-up has not been published in any other journal and will be done for the first time.
  • Your manuscript has been approved by all the authors for its submission and publication in the journal.
  • Feel free to add any other fascinating statement in your cover-letter so that the editor may get magnetized towards it.

Thus, you can write an eye-catching cover letter for your manuscript by following aforesaid tips.

How Analysis Works for a Research?

When you know what a research is and you have the intention of completing it, with the aim of getting it published in a journal that matters, you must first attempt to know what works best in a research so that the work is not loosely done. There are many steps and parts in a research paper that make it complete and worthy of publishing. One of the most important part that you need to concentrate is on the analysis. Knowing how to infer from the study of the research is also a study in itself and if you get that right, you have probably won half the battle. There are some tips that you can follow for ensuring that your analysis has the weightage to make it stand out.

Firstly you must make sure that the questionnaire that you use for your survey leads to a strong study. Ask all the relevant questions and gather all the data possible with the help of your survey. This method is the most basic and fun method to create a strong foundation for the study.

Use technology as your tool. Make sure you get your hands on software that helps in analysis, if you don’t have it, get in touch with someone who does. The reason why this is so important is because, everyone is doing it and you are not getting too far without the help of a little technology.

Make sure you are showing accurate or near accurate projections when you present your analysis. You would not want people call your buff, because not only will this lead to a lot of shaming, but you also run a major risk of not being considered for a journal publishing, at all!

Resources in a research paper analysis should be used wisely and be presented honestly, this lifts the value of the entire project.