How To Make Your Covering Letter Irresistible To Potential Publishers

So, you have finally been able to complete your manuscript and are ready to send it to publishing houses for consideration. You would need to send not only the manuscript but also a synopsis of your write-up and a covering letter along with it. Many writers do not know the significance of a cover letter. They do not understand that it is the first thing that a publishing house would take a look at. Here is how you can make your cover letter irresistible to potential publishers.

Approach the right publishers

Make sure that you approach the right publishers, to begin with. Research variegated publishers and literary agents so that you can evaluate whether they would be interested in publishing your genre of manuscript beforehand itself. For instance, if you have written a work of fiction, then do not send it to journals for publication. Similarly, take time to go through the publication guidelines and editorial rules of the journal. It may not matter how well you have written your cover letter unless and until you send the manuscript to the right publishers.

Do some research

Do some research on whom you need to address the cover letter to and what else you need to add to the cover letter apart from what you have already added. Do not simply address the cover letter to “Respected Sir/Madam.” Instead, find out the last name of the editor and address it to him or her. Keep in mind that you need to grab the attention of the audience of the cover letter. Many editors have to go through several cover letters every month. So, write it so effectively that they will not reject it. Make sure you summarise the central idea of your manuscript and add it to the cover letter before sending it across. Open the cover letter with an exciting quote from your manuscript.

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