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Delivering Effective Scientific Manuscript Writing and Publishing Support Services

Authenu – A place that nurtures your manuscript from a seed to a budding plant and carries to make it grow into a fruitful tree

With this simple objective, we make an effort to widen the knowledge base of the academia. By imbibing our knowledge and resources and striving to get each manuscript published at international platforms, we fill the communication gap. This brings the policymakers close to fresh research ideas and experiments while giving way to a nation’s advancement.

How to Be Publish Ready

Right from the stage when you perform your research to the stage when you finish your manuscript, you require to be diligent and impacting. While it is critical to have a strong research design and follow the right methodology, it is also important to submit your work in a high impact factor journal and present your work in front of a wider audience at conferences and seminars of relevance. As every step poses some challenges, you need to be ready to handle them efficiently.

If you feel it is a problem dealing with any aspect of your research or manuscript preparation task, then do not shy away from seeking help from a professional. While you may face troubles writing your manuscript, you may also feel the need of polishing it and making it flawless. It is also needed to follow all the style or format guidelines provided by your targeted journal. In fact, there are many factors to consider while simply choosing the journal to which you would submit your work. In all such tasks, Authenu can help you overcome the challenges involved with its Manuscript Writing Services available in Bangalore.

From Literature Gap to Paper Presentation

At Authenu, you can get in close connect with an experienced team of professionals at any stage of your research. Whether you are identifying a research gap to frame hypotheses and build your study or wishing to share your research ideas with the world, we enlist a service for every need including journal article writing service.

Research writing and editing support is just one facet of our offerings. We assist multifold with our wide service base, which is inclusive of publication search, wherein our team looks out for an ISI journal or some upcoming conferences and seminars. These open platforms are perfect for disseminating your research findings and help in laying the foundation for new innovations.

Our Services

Research Support

Commencing from basic research development, at Authenu, we have our qualified workforce to offer you research assistance whenever you falter. This club of journal article writing service in India is focused on beginners who are seeking professional support for extensive literature review, research design, questionnaire development, and setting up and implementing the methodology. Ensuring an appropriate study design and methodology at this starting phase will leave lesser burden during the significant publication journey.

Publication Search

Usual search on reputed search engines would not serve when it comes to looking for an appropriate journal or conference. An expert’s knowhow and experience on varied attributes, such as worthy research quotient, wide accessibility, impact factor scores, and relevant subject scope, are essential while deciding the target journal or conference. Thus, Authenu employs research consultants who have experience in specific domains and know the trips and tricks of searching a suitable platform for each type of research.

Manuscript Completion

A research paper on completion becomes capable for publication or presentation, and hence, earns the title of a manuscript. However, there is still a minor bridge for it to cross before it is solicited well. This gives light to our manuscript completion service that targets to complete your manuscript in all aspects, making it ready for a journal or conference.

From writing as per the specified guidelines set by a targeted journal or conference to peer reviewing the written drafts of manuscripts while ensuring sound methodology and analysis, there is still more to unfold in journal article writing service in Bangalore. You may also seek help for cover letter development to accompany your manuscript, as well as communicate with our experts about improvising your rejected manuscript. Getting an instant approval for a manuscript is endeavored to be our final product.

With all the above-mentioned services at Authenu including manuscript writing service and journal article writing service, you will be able to come up with a well-written and well-presented manuscript to submit to the right publication that meets its goals. For an impressive manuscript writing services in India and custom publishing support in any academic domain, you may consult our representatives at help@authenu.com or by calling on +91-80-45133999.
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