Manuscript Editing Service in India

When it is about publishing your work in a high impact factor journal, you have to be very cautious while developing your manuscript. While your content must follow every single guideline given by the target journal, it should also be flawless in terms of language and format, which only editing can ensure. However, not every scholar can create a zero-error paper that is also well written and highly presentable.

Fine tuning is always an essential aspect post the development of any product, be it your research documents. It ensures that all the inputs are utilized in the most appropriate manner to bring out refined and well-presented output. This is what we attempt to incur through our research editing service at Authenu. Our manuscript editing service in India entails the refinement of your academic reports, doctoral dissertations, Master’s theses, and other essential academic documents.

Editing ensures to cover the following essential facets:

  • Correction of flawed grammar usage
  • Removal of redundant and repeated words/phrases
  • Briefing of lengthy sentences while ensuring to retain their original meaning
  • Structuring the sentences that do not convey the right intended meaning
  • Mending incorrect spellings and punctuation usage
  • Making the formats usage consistent throughout the document, including aspects like bulleting, numbering, headings/sub-headings, spacing, margins, footnotes, labeling, etc.
  • Correcting all citations and references to display the right format
  • Assurance of professional quality standards
  • Abiding by the zero plagiarism policy as prescribed by the universities worldwide
  • Critical value analysis of the work with regards to subject matter while making the work logical, meaningful, clear, and crisp

From the structure of sentences to the use of appropriate vocabulary and accuracy of information, our research paper editing services is dedicated to eliminate any shortcomings present in your document. Our skilled and experienced editors keep a keen eye on your text to spot any flaw that you might have skipped while writing. Our Scientific Editors in India have expert knowledge of native linguistic styles and professional writing and formatting standards. Thus, they can make your content compliant with the instructions given by your chosen journal. Our experts also ensure that your paper has the right nomenclature, especially in medical and scientific manuscripts.

Our Professional Work Commitments

  • Our consistent workflow and dedicated team ensures the timely delivery of your project. This helps you in meeting your submission deadlines comfortably and without any stress.
  • We are also open to your customized orders whereby you may sample-check our work on a single section. We edit your documents as per your specific requirements.
  • If English is not your native language, then our research paper editing services ensures the best survival of your research paper. We, being conversant with various journals’ formats and guidelines, know the essence behind flawless language. Thus, we remove any language barriers that are preventing you from presenting an impressive document capturing all your hard work.

If you wish to seek more details on how we maintain our flow of work, you may send in your details through the online form on our website or email us at Our manuscript editing service in India is open to reach you anywhere. We will ensure to highlight the contributions of your study so your work may find its deserved space in a reputed publication.
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