Handling Manuscript Rejection

Many researchers have faced rejection of their manuscripts at some point of their career. Thus, you should not feel disheartened or devalue your work if your manuscript is rejected by a journal. Instead, be cool, prepare yourself, and revise your work to resubmit. It is like another chance to enhance your work and you should take the reviewer feedback constructively. A positive attitude towards rejection will make it seem to be an opportunity, and not a cause of stress. Further, you can always take professional assistance for handling manuscript rejection when it comes to revising your manuscript so it does not contain any more errors and only gets improved.

Assisting scholars with the drafting and resubmission of their manuscripts is where Authenu comes into picture. We not only support the rejection handling of manuscripts, but also improvise your work to increase its chances of approval after you resubmit it. We have experienced writers who can make the exact changes and enhancements in your work that are actually required. They do not change the meaning of any portion of your content without discussing it with you. Thus, you can completely rely on our process of service delivery, as we exchange regular feedback on all issues involved.

Our Process of Rejection Handling

  • When we revise your manuscript, we first go through every single reviewer comment that is received in your rejection letter.
  • During the rejection handling of manuscripts, we take an in-depth look at your study and discuss it in detail with you.
  • After gaining an understanding of your ideas, we make sure that we discuss the received comments with you. This helps us in understanding your point of view regarding the feedback from reviewers.
  • We then make the necessary changes in your manuscript content and reorganize it.

The Aspects We Help With

  • To improve the quality of your content, our professional editors make sure to remove all types of linguistic and formatting errors that still exist in your manuscript.
  • Sometimes, rejection does not happen because of basic errors. It may happen due to the overall structuring, logic, or presentation of your work. Thus, we make sure to work on all these aspects while enhancing your content.
  • While this should increase the chances of acceptance to a significant level, we still ensure to target your manuscript at the journal requirements. We also align the goals of your study with those of your selected publication.
  • Further, we check whether every submission and content guideline issued by your chosen journal is followed in your manuscript. If there are any compliance issues, then we work on them immediately.
  • In a few cases, it may happen that the goals of your study and the specific journal do not match. If this is the cause of rejection apart from other smaller issues, then we let you know about it and advise you to reconsider your choice of a journal.

We always want that you do not get demotivated by manuscript rejection and regain your confidence in your work through our services. Write to us at help@authenu.com if you want to know more about handling manuscript rejection and how we can help you with this. Resubmit your work after full corrective action on it.

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