What is Authenu

Authenu is indeed a menu for authors to choose from varied professional research support services to help them walk multifold in the academic arenas of life. It is a team of academic professionals that extends end-to-end solutions for all scholarly writings to have a strong intellect and grounds to disseminate more value. We understand that conducting research work at any level is not a child’s play. Therefore, we have carefully hired such professional writers, editors, statisticians, and consultants who have been guiding and serving research students from different academic backgrounds for a long time.

Our Team Endeavors at Authenu

Our team believes in delivering high-quality solutions to all our clients. Starting from the planning stage of your research to the presentation of your study at several platforms, we make sure that each step goes smoothly and effectively for you. Thus, we assist and guide you at all research stages so you can work without any stress. Whether you are facing issues with reviewing relevant literature or designing your research, our professionals can help with all.

Our Goals

Authenu targets to support all PhD scholars who want to get published in leading international journals or want to make influential presentations in front of their academic fraternity. All this helps scholars reach a large number of readers who are interested in their research work. At Authenu, we aim to offer timely and high-quality research support services that may not only help scholars to present clear and comprehensive manuscripts to journals, but may also help them design their research in the right manner and choose apt methodologies for conducting it.

We also want to extend support to every such scholar who has faced rejection from a publication, but still wants to improve his/her work for resubmission. Our focus remains on making their content so powerful and flawless that it does not face another rejection. We have hired experts in all subject areas so we can assist scholars doing varied types of research in fields like life sciences, pharmacy, chemistry, computer science, management, engineering, and social science. Our ultimate goal is to make each research scholar achieve their dream of getting published.

How We Make a Difference

  • We not only aim to provide research support to all scholars, but also assist them in completing their manuscripts. We have expert writers to help them comply with the writing style recommended by their targeted journal. In addition, we make them follow the formatting standards of a journal. We allocate a writer to each project according to their specialization subject.
  • One of our major goals is to help you present and publish your paper successfully. Thus, we support you through a set of publication search services, as well as editing solutions. We not only help in correcting the text in your document, but also correct figures, tables, graphs, illustrations, diagrams, etc. in accordance with the journal guidelines.
  • We assist you in making an impact on your target audience in seminars and conferences through your study, as well as focus on choosing appropriate and reputed ISI and open access journals for you. We can help you find reputed publications with high impact factor and with goals matching the goals of your study.
  • Our support offerings like peer review, formatting, cover letter preparation, and rejection handling can enhance the chances of your paper’s acceptance. These services are an added feature at Authenu.
  • By following stringent quality checks, we ensure to deliver high-quality solutions on every project we handle. Our services are also affordable so every scholar can realize the dream of publishing their hard work and making it reach the right audience.
  • As you may lack time, we save it by providing quick professional assistance. We deliver every client project by the promised deadlines so you do not miss any submission deadline. You can relax completely and get rid of your publication stress with the help of our customized solutions for you.
  • You receive another advantage of our feedback to you, whenever required. We offer reliable and valid guidance on all your queries and ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

Our focus always remains on removing the barriers that are blocking your way to success. Our professionals work with each client on a personalized basis and understand their specific project requirements before offering relevant solutions. Thus, you can be hopeful of someone holding your hand whenever you are about to sidestep. Call or email our representatives to know more about our services and research support. You may contact us at help@authenu.com or +91-80-45133999.
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