Open Access Journals

Open access journals are quite valuable for doctoral research students who wish to get their study published and want to reach a large number of readers through it. While other journals may make your study available to a limited audience that subscribes to a specific journal, open access journals make it freely available to most of the readers worldwide. There are usually no legal, technical, and financial barriers in accessing such journals. Through our open access journals publication search services, we make sure that you can gain a higher citation rate by publishing your work in such an open access journal.

Open Access Journal Search at Authenu

  • At Authenu, we have subscriptions to several renowned and international journal directories, such as Cabell’s, which list open access journals from varied research backgrounds and being published in different demographic areas. These journal directories also enlist journals with high impact factors.
  • We may not only help you find such an open access journal in your academic area, but may also guide you on how open access would add to your academic goodwill. We make sure that we match your study’s goals with those of the journals. Based on the best fit, we suggest you the most suitable journal that can give space to your work.
  • As it is confusing for many students to search through several directories without knowing their credibility to list open access journals, our experts run a quality check on the listings offered by these directories, prior to suggesting any journal to students.

Analyzing the Inclusion Policy of Directories

Our professionals are aware of the standards followed by such directories that list open access journals. Thus, they are able to locate high-quality directories that include the entries of high impact factor publications. This will help you in publishing your work in a journal of repute and in reaching a wider audience. In case you have financial constraints, we can also assist you in finding such journals that do not charge fee from the author. Usually, under an open access scheme, journals may need you to make payment for giving full-text access of your article with no subscription cost.

Most of these journals would not even impose barriers like those of licensing needs or copyrights. We try finding subsidized journals for you that are financed by learning societies or academic institutions. There are thousands of open access journals available in almost all academic domains. Thus, you can easily get the right space, whether you have performed a humanities study or a medical research. We ensure to compare several relevant journals with regard to their readership and impact factor ratings. Based on such evaluation, we finalize the right journal for you.

Before open access journal search is completed, we make sure to assess your study type and its significance. Based on this, we find an apt fit that may benefit you optimally. If you are interested in availing our open access journal publication service for locating relevant journals with wide readership, then you may get in touch with our representatives by sending us a message at
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