Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1Why should I choose Authenu?
A.1 Authenu is an organization dedicated to provide comprehensive support to all you authors with respect to your manuscript preparation and publication. Being managed and controlled by a team of doctorates from international universities, Authenu holds the wealth of experience in publishing research work in high impact factor journals. Most of the associated members have themselves worked as editors and reviewers for various reputed journals. From manuscript writing to paper presentation at seminars and conferences, our service base is destined to cater to all your needs.
Q.2Do you have subject-specific consultants and editors?
A.2 Yes, Authenu is empaneled with a team of subject matter experts in various subject domains, including the streams of management, engineering, medical science, and social sciences. To ensure efficiency and quality on the technical front, we ensure that our writers and editors have hands-on experience in executing research in their respective domains.
Q.3What is the turnaround time for manuscript completion?
A.3 At the time of placing an order, Authenu seeks your submission deadlines and accordingly gets the service accomplished to ensure that the given timelines are met.
Q.4What all will be included in the manuscript submission service?
A.4 With Authenu’s publication search and submission service, you can aim for publishing your manuscripts in ISI Journals and open access journals, as well as presenting the same in conferences and seminars. Our service will entail formatting that will be in line with the specified paper preparation guidelines, along with cover letter preparation, manuscript submission, and follow up for further proceedings. This also includes response letter development. We additionally offer our manuscript editing service to make corrections as suggested by a journal or conference reviewers.
Q.5Do you guarantee publication?
A.5 The qualified team at Authenu assists you in preparing and modeling your manuscript to make it a fit for a journal or conference presentation. Our team is adept with the formatting guidelines and citation styles that are widely followed by major reputed journals. These style include APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Our experts ensure to keep up with the quality standards of a journal so that your manuscript is accepted in the first stance.
Q.6Can I send my manuscript to all the recommended journals simultaneously?
A.6 The submission of a manuscript to multiple journals is not considered ethical. Hence, at once, you can submit your paper to a single journal only.
Q.7What do I need to provide for my manuscript?
A.7 You must share all the relevant supporting documents, including appendices, figures, tables, references, and supplementary information so that our editors can examine your entire work. For manuscript writing service, the initial drafts and/or collected data should be submitted for assessment by the writer to whom your work would be assigned.
Q.8Does your team work on formats like Latex and PDF?
A.8 Yes. You can share your manuscript file in Latex or PDF. We make use of our conversion software to enable editing in MS Word format with track changes.
Q.9My manuscript has many colored illustrations. Will you also format them as per the targeted journal’s guidelines?
A.9 Yes, in addition to formatting your manuscript, we can assist you in artwork and illustration enhancement that meets the guidelines prescribed by your chosen journal or conference.
Q.10What if my manuscript is not accepted by the targeted journal?
A.10 Although our work process and quality strives to get you through a journal’s evaluation criteria, we will do a second submission in an unfortunate case where your manuscript is not accepted for publication by the targeted journal. We will submit your manuscript to another journal of an equivalent impact factor in the similar research area.
Q.11Do you help in revising a manuscript according to reviewer comments?
A.11 Yes, our experienced team will guide you in editing your manuscript as per the review comments that are shared by the journal reviewers. In addition, we assist you in preparing a response letter for resubmission.
Q.12How can I place an order?
A.12 You can share your project details and request for a proposal, clearly stating your requirements and work deadlines. Upon submission of your details, one of our representatives will get in touch with you with a customized package and a price quote for the same.
Q.13Will I have to make the payment all at once?
A.13 No, you can process the payment of your complete package in 3 parts - 40% in advance, 40% on partial completion, and the remaining 20% on successful accomplishment of work.
Q.14I am still not sure about it.
A.14 If any doubt is still bothering you, feel free to seek answers from us. We are available round the clock at
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