The review report you shared was quite disheartening, as it highlighted a lot of my mistakes, but I think it made me revise and publish my manuscript in an international journal of impact factor 3.96. I appreciate your extensive review and efforts altogether.

--Marvin J. Bolden, | USA

I opted for the conference search service at Authenu, and I am pleased with their assistance on this. Initially, I doubted if I should go for merely a search service. However, they proved me wrong. This service has a wider scope than I assumed. The consultant, who was guiding me, deeply understood my research, found relevant conferences, and did not stop at that. He also assisted me with paper formatting and presentation. I highly recommend Authenu’s service.

-Dr. Heather Lewis, | New Jersey

I could not take out time from my daily schedule to check the formatting guidelines defined by my targeted journal, and this time shortage was consistently delaying my submission. Authenu’s team saved much of my time. Not just formatting, they even bore the burden of submission formalities and made it significantly easier for me. Thanks a ton!

-Prof. Shalini Gupta, | India

Good work with manuscript writing! Delivery was spot on time. I will contact you for my next paper that I am currently preparing. I need to publish it in an international open access journal. Thank you.

-Mahjub Rabah Nassar,| Dubai

A kick start was all I needed with the identification of research gaps. Thus, I went for your literature gap service. My initial email conversations gave me the confidence that your subject experts will be able to help me find a relevant and interesting subject to research on. That was exactly how the result came out. Undoubtedly, you have an impressive team!

With Best Regards

-Daniel, Joseph | (University of California, US)

The cover letter that Dr. Phillip prepared for me was very well written and summarized my study nicely. The editor of my university’s journal was pretty impressed and has given consent for manuscript review. Hope it gets accepted for publishing!

-Hameeda Shamon, | UAE

Very good editing of my paper! Thank you to the editor who did my work. My best wishes to you.

-Lee Ton Yang, | Malaysia

While the introduction and literature review were easy, the data collection and analysis part was not under my proficiency. I forward my gratitude to the team of Authenu. They helped in choosing the collection method, questionnaire, and analysis of my gathered data. Thanks again.

-Artur Duarte, | Portuguese

The experts at Authenu are very professional and dedicated to their work. I am happy with their fast service and quick response. I will definitely spread a good word about Authenu.

-Waliy al-din Amari, | Saudi Arabia

I am very happy with Authenu’s service. Their expert helped me publish my paper in an international ISI journal. I just now received their acceptance email. Thank you very much for all your help, team Authenu!

-Rebecca Altaf Handal, | Syria

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